Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez and Road Safety National Agency (Argentina) open the call for papers for Road Safety leaders in different fields to submit presentations focusing on children’s safe mobility to participate in the next International Child Road Safety Forum (FISEVI) to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12-13 June, 2018.

FISEVI 2018 will be organized in plenaries and parallel workshop sessions. The participation of national and international stakeholders will be in the parallel sessions.


Submitting a 250-word summary of the presentation in Spanish and English.

Selection Committee

It is composed by representatives from Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez and the Road Safety National Agency.


Call for papers 01/NOV/2017
Closing date 15/JAN/2018
Call closure extension 31/JAN/2018
Publication of results 15/APR/2018

Parallel Session - Infrastructure 1: Safe school environments

Children are vulnerable traffic users and therefore require special care. School zones are areas where children travel by different means of transports, thus, special care and protection are required.

These workshops invite attendees to exchange knowledge and experiences on infrastructure solutions in school zones reducing risk factors for children.

Parallel Session - Infrastructure 2: Urban design focused on people

Vulnerable users, pedestrians and cyclists need to have pathways designed for their protection. Given the great growth of cities, the safety of these users must be a priority when developing road and urban infrastructure in general.

In this workshop participants will get to know about new tendencies and challenges on this matter.

Parallel Session - Safe Vehicles 1: New technologies for safe vehicles

The incorporation of new technologies for safe vehicles is one of the main trends to protect occupants as well as vulnerable road users. In most high-income countries, access to these technologies has contributed to the reduction of fatalities in traffic. In low- and middle-income countries, their absence is notorious.


This workshop invites you to learn about these technologies, their impact on safety and accidents, promoting discussion about their incorporation in countries where they are not still available.

Parallel Session - Safe vehicles 2: Collective Transport, School Transport and new collaborative platforms to improve Road Safety

Efficient collective transport is one of the main solutions to be considered for safe and sustainable mobility of people. When collective transport works properly, it is affordable and cost-effective, not only does it help to reduce risk factors associated with other forms of mobility, but it also reduces congestion in urban centers and reduces pollution caused by large amounts of private vehicles and motorcycles.

In this workshop the attendees will get to know about successful cases in the use of these types of transport.

Parallel Session - Legislation and access to justice for victims of traffic accidents

Every year more than 1.2 million people die as a result of traffic accidents and several million more suffer the consequences of these losses, finding themselves on their own, unprotected, among many other situations of suffering. Improvement in existing legislation and access to justice is urgent.

This workshop promotes discussion and proposes advances in legislation and access to justice for victims of traffic accidents and their families.

Parallel Session - Road crashes and their connection with public health

Historically, there has been a connection between road crashes and public health in the form of post-crash response. Road crashes are a risk factor for public health, and as such should be addressed from a prevention standpoint to prevent deaths and lasting injuries. In this session doctors, health workers, scholars, and stakeholders are invited to present study cases on the topic from both perspectives to build a complementary framework together.

Parallel Session - Safe users 1: Road users´ behavior and safety

Public welfare campaigns and education promoting safe behavior among road users are measures that collaborate in raising awareness about the correct ways of acting, respect for life and the risks involved in inappropriate behaviors in traffic.

In this workshop attendees will have the possibility to exchange ideas on different initiatives that can be replicated in similar contexts.

Parallel Session - Safe users 2: Sustainable mobility

Congestion in cities, sedentary lifestyle, and pollution, among other factors, make it essential to promote sustainable forms of mobility.

This workshop will allow participants to learn about different paradigms and to exchange ideas about their possible application in different contexts.

Parallel Session - Safe users 3: Passive safety for children in traffic

The use of passive safety devices such as child restraint systems, helmets for motorcyclists and cyclists, significantly reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident.

During this workshop, participants are invited to discuss the incorporation of these types of elements in the regulations, on how to promote its correct use and on how to increase its use.